About Us

Keeping Our Promise to be YOUR Hospital

Wyandot Memorial Hospital first opened its doors on September 25, 1950, and the staff knew they had an important responsibility to provide local residents with high quality care they could rely on.

As time went on, our hospital evolved to meet the changing needs of the population. In-hospital technology has been consistently upgraded in order to provide safer and more precise services.

Physician qualifications have grown more rigorous as we continue to build an elite team of medical providers who are prepared to handle any situation. Most importantly, we have upgraded our hospital and processes based on the feedback of patients so that we can create a truly accessible and reliable medical service.

Our Mission
What we do – Keeping Our Promise to be Your Hospital

Our Purpose
What we are about – Providing superior compassionate healthcare to all we serve

Our Values
What we live by – PROMISE
• Progress – Better tomorrow than today
• Relationships – Honest, respectful and transparent in all interactions
• Outcomes – Optimize processes to achieve better results
• Make a difference
• Integrity – Do the right thing
• Stewardship – Responsible use of all resources entrusted to us
• Excellence – Exceptional Care, Exceptional Service…Every Patient, Every Time

Dedication Ceremony on September 10, 1950